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"KEYPO" is a data intelligence tool owned by "BIG DATA Co., Ltd.," based in Taiwan, focusing on monitoring online data with extensive coverage and providing SaaS solutions globally. Since 2015, KEYPO has focused on the development of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Intelligence, assisting over 500 leading enterprises worldwide in understanding consumer and market trends.

KEYPO All-New Upgrade!

The Pioneer in "GPT Intelligent Analysis"

Most Efficient Real-time Sentiment Analysis of Online Monitoring

In One-Click

# Provide all-round and in-depth analysis

Generative AI

# Analyze the latest sentiment reports

Offering Perspectives

# Prevent the misleading messages

24/7 Brand Monitoring

# Be your personal data analyst
3 Billion+

Online Data

5 Million+

Facebook Users

Coverage of 200,000+


The fastest

Real-time analysis in 2 seconds


24/7 data crawling

GPT Intelligent Analysis Feature
Generating a report with a single click, shortening the data analysis process efficiently.


Set up keywords



Click "GPT Intelligent Analysis" button



Easily generate insightful analysis reports

《Why KEYPO ?》
Top Three Strengths
In the AI era, KEYPO supports businesses in making precise decisions through Data Intelligence.
International-level Data System
Over 3 billion online data in KEYPO database

Processing more than 100 billion text data monthly, with the fastest query time in 2 seconds.

Manage 100+ billion Chinese text data monthly

Utilizing an international-grade semantic analysis framework, machine learning, and deep learning, exceeding the natural language accuracy of both Google and Baidu.

Professional MarTech Team
Data Analysis Team

Professional analysts provide comprehensive training and consultation, enabling clients to quickly master the tools.

Real-time Alert Service

Instant sentiment notifications allow users to set up the focus and topics, providing 24/7 real-time awareness of social data.

Guaranteed Professional Service
International Security Certification

Certified by ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and CNS 27001:2014, ensuring the full protection of information security.

Trusted by 500+ clients across various industries

including lifestyle, technology, telecommunication, finance, insurance, food and beverage, sports and leisure, luxury, fashion, digital education, beauty, pharmaceuticals, media agencies, and PR companies worldwide.

Join《KEYPO Big Data Intelligence》
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$300 USD/monthly

$109 USD/monthly

Ideal for the first time user


$550 USD/monthly

$200 USD/monthly

For users who want to become data experts


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Transform your business with comprehensive analysis of Data Intelligence

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Plan Comparison

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Numbers of Topics13Customized
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Hot Channels--
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Propagation Analysis
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